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Lambda Research provides world-class Opto-Mechanical design software TracePro for luminaries design and engineering. Applications include architectural, residential and industrial lighting and specialty illumination. TracePro allows users to define and manage spectral data for each unique source and to combine different source types in a single ray trace.


TracePro is a 3D solid-based CAD program used to design and analyze optical, lighting and illumination systems. The program's capabilities span multiple markets including lighting, biomedical, consumer electronics, automotive, display, aerospace, defense and energy & power. Some of the applications for the TracePro Bridge include lighting, backlighting, lightpipes, projector design, and stray light analysis of optical assemblies.

TracePro Bridge™ is an Add-in to Solidworks that enables users to assign, view and save optical properties directly in their Solidworks model, including source, material and surface definitions. These complete opto-mechanical models are subsequently easily exported to TracePro ready for optical design, ray tracing and analysis.