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Gholographic Company offers GHLM-3 a typical instrument used widely in LED display, LCD display, OLED display, light sources, film, TV, traffic lights, automotive lights, architecture, lighting engineering etc.


It comprise Class A photometer detector of high stability, built-in MCU system, LCD display of low consumption. It is the truly portable spot luminance meter. The standard Li-battery makes it ideal for making measurement in remote areas where an AC power supply is unavailable.

Typical Application£

  1. Display screen of all kinds.
  2. Lighting sources and luminaires
  3. Automotive lighting
  4. Locally measurement in lighting engineering

Characteristics & Specifications

LCD display(Adjustable back lighting)
Measuring Functions
Range of luminance
0.001cd/m2 ~ 4,000,000cd/m2
Accuracy of luminance
Observation fields
Measuring distance
Focus length of the main lens
PC Interface and software
RS-232 Interface,professional software provided
Power supply
CR 123A battery or AC 220 adapter £˜ spceial order available £©
Power consumption
About 1 VA
With different Aux-lens, it can also measure the small-size lighting source at a near distance. Special design eliminate the error from test distance.

PHOTO-GH2000Z Multiphotometer (Luminance Meter)

PHOTO-GH2000Z is widely used to measure the luminous flux(equipped with integrating sphere),luminance,illuminance(optional) and photocurrent(optional),it is widely applied in the commerce and industry measurement because of its low cost and convenient test.


  1. PHOTO-GH2000Z can test luminous flux (equipped with integrating sphere), luminance, illuminance(optional), and photocurrent(optional).
  2. Wide measuring range: 4 range in decade and auto range switch
  3. Low zero drift, high stability
  4. Class A photometer detector
  5. Photocurrent measuring range:0.005¡Á10 -7 A¡«20000¡Á10 -7 A
  6. Luminous flux measuring range 0.01lm¡«200klm (equipped with appropriate integrating sphere)
  7. Illuminance measuring range:0.1lx~200klx
  8. Luminance measuring range: 0.1cd/m 2¡«1000kcd/m 2
  9. Luminance Accuracy: Class1( according to Chinese JJG211-2005)
  10. The user can finish calibration and nulling operation through keys on board
  11. 4 2/1 bit A/D converter and 5 bit nixietube display
  12. Hold function
  13. RS-232 comsumption: approx.15V
  14. Power comsumption: approx.15VA