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Gholographics Company

Optical Design Consultancy

Gholographic Company has extensive experience with nearly every kind of optical system, including instrumentation, astronomical, illumination, night-vision, infrared, eyepieces, Architectural Lighting, Automotive, medical, solar industry and more. Let our expertise solve your design needs quickly and efficiently.

Application Industry :

Automotive (Headlamps / Reflector / Illumination Profile)

Biomedical Optics (Tissue Optics / Fluorescence)

Light Guide / Light Pipe

Diffuser property Analysis

Aerospace & Defence Projects

General Lighting ( 2" X 2" Illumination)

Fresnel Lens / CPC / Diffrraction Grating / Freeform Optics / Aspheric Surface & lens

Photorealistic Rendering


Think of us as part of your Optical Design team.


Application Industry :