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WaveGuide Optics Design Software

OptiBPM can improve design engineers’ productivity, reduce risk, and lower overall costs related to design of waveguide solutions. OptiBPM’s high-value functionality includes powerful integration capabilities with our award-winning optical communication system software, OptiSystem, and with Design Workshop’s dw-2000, a mask layout physical design and verification software.

Based on the Beam Propagation Method (BPM) of simulating light passage through any waveguide medium, OptiBPM allows designers to observe computer-simulated light field distribution and examine the radiation and the guided field, simultaneously.


  • Build up with Optimization and Tolerance Analysis module.
  • Improved handling of Waveguide geometry.
  • Import of DXF and GDSII Mask File Formats.
  • Fibre Vector and LP mode solver.
  • Advanced Optimization algorithms.
  • Analysis of Large Scale Optical Circuits.
  • Accommodates waveguides integrated on a substrate including channel waveguides, rib or ridge waveguides.
  • Facilitates design of splitters, combiners, couplers, modulators, multiplexers and AWGs.
  • Models on both the device scale and (in conjunction with OptiSystem) on the photonic circuit scale.
  • Facilitates the design of Optical fibre based devices.
  • Monte-Carlo Simulations.
  • Different waveguides shapes: Elliptic, parabolic Taper, Ring and S-bend cosine taper.
  • Waveguides can be tapered in thickness, channel waveguides can be tapered linearly, fibres can be tapered linearly and proportionately.
  • Also import AutoCAD.DXF and Calma.
  • Scattering data feature in which Transfer Matrix of any device can be obtained.


  • OptiBPM
  • New Features OptiBPM


  • Design optical splitters, combiners, couplers, multiplexers, and modulators.
  • Large scale optical circuit design capabilities.
  • Mature AWG design environment.
  • Model non-symmetrical waveguide structures.
  • Channel, rib or ridge waveguide design.
  • Buried waveguides.
  • Waveguides from a diffused process.
  • Sensor structures.

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