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Trace Pro


TracePro is the award-winning software of Lambda Research Corporation, USA for illumination design, illumination analysis, LCD backlight design, Display, OLED, Scattering analysis, optical system analysis, stray light analysis, baffle design for stray light suppression in telescopes and other optical systems, and analysis of many other types of optical systems and illumination systems.

Gholographic Company organizes training twice a year in the field of optics, laser, LEDs, Projector, illumination system such as traffic light, LCD back lightning, image simulation, laser marking/cutting system, ocular lenses, telescope design etc.

TracePro Edition Comparison : TracePro LC, Standard & Expert.

Article on :

How to design Single Lens

How to design Prism

How to design Beam Splitter

How to design Michelson interferometer

How to design TIR Lens

How to use .IES Source in TracePro

How to Export IES File

How to Import CAD Drawing in TracePro

How to Export CAD Drawing from TracePro for mechanical Drawing

How to make IES file from Datasheet

How to do RAY Sorting

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