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TracePro Feature

TracePro – most commonly used ILLUMINATION Simulation Software. TracePro is market leader in optical design software due to its advance features & capabilities. TracePro is developed by Lambda Research Corporation, USA having below features:

  • Compatible with other Software
  • Analysis
TracePro Bridge for SolidWorks/CAD
Irradiance Maps
STL Read
Candela Plots (Intensity)
SAT (ACIS) Read/Write
Flux Reports
STEP Read/Write
3D Irradiance Maps
IGES Read/Write
File Output
CATIA V5 Read/Write
Ray Sorting
Pro/E Read
Irradiance/Illuminance Viewer
Lens Design File Import
Display Selected Rays (Ensquared Flux)
CIE (xy), CIE (u'ν'), RGB
Boolean Operations
Luminance / Radiance
Healing Imported Files
Polarization Maps
3D Interactive View
Volume Flux
Rendered Objects
Transparent Objects

  • Basic Features
  • Sources
User-friendly CAD Interface
Ray Grids
Interoperability with commercial CAD and Lens Design Software
Surface Sources
Material property catalogs of commercially available glass, plastics, metals, GRINs, fluorophores and biological tissue
Primitive Solids
Surface property catalogs of commercially available thin film coatings, anodizing, paints
User defined shapes
Library of commercially available lenses and filters
Notes Editor
Iterative Analysis and Optimization with Macro Language
Asymmetric Sources
Source Files
Radiant Imaging
General file Input
Bit Map Source Module

  • Raytrace
  • Properties
Ray Splitting
Surface Property Modeling
Exact Raytracing
Bulk Absorption
Accelerated Raytracing
Facetted Raytracing
Bulk Scatter
Voxelization in Object Space - enhance speed vs. memory consumption
Gradient Index Substep Tolerance - enhance speed vs. accuracy
Thin Film Stacks
Simulation Mode
Multiple Exit Surfaces (Simulation Mode)
Diffraction Gratings
Refraction Capabilities
Temperature Dependent Properties
Multiple Wavelengths
Direction-Sensitive Surfaces
Importance Sampling
Scatter Models
Stratified Importance Sampling
Anisotropic Surface Properties
Reverse Raytrace
Tabular Scatter Models - Symmetric
Tabular Scatter Models - Asymmetric
Repetitive Tile (RepTile™) Surfaces
3-D Textures for RepTile
Temperature Distributions
Wire Grid Polarizers

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